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Akame was the first model to be designed for Real Adult Sex Game. Of Asian descent, she looks forward to those moments when she can be someone else’s Geisha. She might look a little shy at first, but this is just a front. She rides like a wild mare and will gladly take your manhood down her throat.

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Sakura is truly a one of a kind gal. Half Japanese and half Hungarian, she brings the best of two worlds. In bed, she is insatiable, always asking for more. She’s the kind of girl who likes to push limits. She will bedazzle you with her starry eyes and knock you down with her perfect tits. One thing is certain, you will be coming back for more!

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Ralli is Real Adult Sex Game’s California queen. Behind those sweet blue eyes and that nonchalant demeanor hides a real party animal. When Ralli is in the mood, things get wild! She likes being the one in charge and will ensure her man feels like a rockstar. She might even ask you to pull her hair and take her hard. Men have been known to lose themselves hearing her moan.

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The day is hot and beautiful and the sky is blue. Boys and girls are wearing tiny swimsuits. The day is about to get even hotter as you spot someone eyeing you. You can already feel your body temperature climbing. You eye that quiet place where things might get wild. A smile on the lips of your partner indicates things are about to get interesting!

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High School

High School A classic. Girls are wearing short skirts and their full school girl’s attire. Boys are young and always horny. Unless you picture yourself as the principal or the science teacher, looking either to break the rules or to seduce a hot coworker. This is where boys and girls become adults and where everything is still possible!

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The music is loud, the drinks keep coming. Everyone is in party mode and everyone’s smiling. You brought your hot date on the dance floor and there is no such thing as distance between the two of you now. You can feel how excited the other is. You both can’t hold it any longer so you make your way to the restroom. Things are about to get wild!